Standard EN 13594

The 13594 standard “Protective gloves for motorcyclists” defines the precise, replicable framework based on scientific studies of accidentology for the conduct of tests to certify a protective glove for motorcyclists. The 2003 version of standard EN 13594 has been replaced by version EN13594 :2015; it no longer refers to “professional motorcyclists” only, but now applies to all two-wheel motorists. The gloves are designed to protect motorcyclists from the external elements without excessively hindering the dexterity of the user in operating the controls and the motorcycle switches. In addition, the gloves are designed to ensure the mechanical protection of the hands and wrists in case of an accident.

2 performance levels are specified for gloves:

Level 1 : Minimum level to ensure effective protection in case of an accident and to provide an optimum level of comfort for all types of driving.

Level 2 : Designed to ensure elevated performance levels of protection in relation to the type of driving.


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     1 : Personal protective equipment for motorcyclists

     2 : Category (KP: Knuckle protection)

     3 : Level of performance (1 or 2)

     4 : CE standard number